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Date (2014)

 Lectionary Readings in CEV Text Light on the Lessons
Leader Guides Participant Guides
 Jan 26

 Conversion of Paul

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Jan 25

 Third Sunday after Epiphany

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Jan 19

 Confession of Peter

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Jan 18

 Second Sunday after Epiphany

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Jan 11

 Baptism of our Lord

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Jan 06

 Epiphany of our Lord

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Jan 02

 Second Sunday after Christmas

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Jan 01

 Name of Jesus

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Jan 2015

 All CEV Readings (Zip format)

 All Light on the Lessons (Zip format)

 Dec 31

 New Year's Eve

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 29

 Holy Innocents, Martyrs

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 28

 First Sunday after Christmas

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Dec 27

 John, Apostle and Evangelist

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 26

 Stephen, Deacon and Martyr

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 24/25

 Advent Christmas Day and Eve (I, II, and III)

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 21

 Advent 4

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Dec 14

 Advent 3

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Dec 04

 Advent 2

 Leader Guide

 Participant Guide

 Dec 01

 Andrew, Apostle

  No Lesson    No Lesson
 Dec 2014

 All CEV Readings (Zip format)

 All Light on the Lessons (Zip format)

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  • Reflections on the Lessons - You can get a thoughtful and inspiring reflection on the lessons for each week from the American Bible Society. They are great personal devotions. You can also use the current and past reflections in church publications without charge.

  • Isaiah is back by popular demand!  Check out these very good lessons.

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Luther College Information

  • Transcripts - You can get transcripts and other official information from the contact information on the transcript information page.

  •  Alumni - Alumni Information collection is ongoing.  We have a directory in "zip" format for you to download.

  • The Rev. Dr. Herbert W. Chilstrom has written a book entitled "A Journey of Grace, The Formation of a Leader and a Church."  For more information, click here.

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    Faith Active in Love

    Hang out your hallelujahs! The tomb is open, the Roman guard gone, death defeated. The Holy One of life walks again, comforting the troubled, healing the sick, forgiving the sinners, spreading the gospel through the lips and  lives of those made new.
    -Rita Snowden

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